Want to become an expert in something?

Chant –


28 Times a day, focusing on your goal and asking the Divine to bless you with a genius mind to become an expert in hour desired field.

7 Comments on “Want to become an expert in something?”

  1. You are an angel… happy birthday dear Nehaji … its a blessing to be part of your group . Me and my wife many times faced large problems and with your remedies always came out of it . You have been a blessing for us . Thank you so much have a wonderful day
    Thanks and best Regards
    Sameer Anu Bhargava


  2. You are good person
    I appreciate you for your knowledge and for your determination to spread in good way and with good intentions


  3. Hi mam myself Manju Nihalani thank you mam for lovey and positive guidance you give us
    Divine blessings for you


  4. Speechless..like praising a rose…how can one describe it’s fragrance..That’s what you are… spreading happiness and hope to all of us.. Gratitude 🙏🌹🌹🙏


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