Before doing any redesign that I share, make sure you have a cleansing ritual in place to remove any negative energy from your equipment including candles.

You can do this any way you like, but the easiest is to spray Ganhajal/Holy water or salt water onto your candles if you are using candles in your spell or on your jar if you are doing a jar spell.

You can even rinse a candle under a tap thinking of the intentions of removing any negative energy as the water flows down from the candle.

If you are doing a jar spell you can do the same as you wash it with soap and water then when it dries, hold it in your hand thinking about your intentions before putting anything into the jar. You may even use incense or a smudge stick to cleanse the space you will be working in of any energy. Think of it like using a new piece of paper or page to write a new document. You must also be in the right state of mind when you are doing your spells otherwise it will not work. For example, you cannot do an attraction spell when you are sad in the same way you cannot do a banishing spell if you are happy.

Set your mood by thinking about the intention behind your ritual before doing it. Think loving thoughts for an attraction ritual so that someone becomes enchanted by you so that the can move towards you, or upsetting thoughts if you are banishing someone away from you.

Mahic works faster if aligned with emotions.

Neha – The Modern Mystic

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