Maybe you’re still underestimating your impact to the world. Maybe you’re still overthinking that you are just a no one.

But, let me tell you that someone could be looking at the mirror and can’t help but smile because you said that they have a pair of beautiful eyes. Someone could be practicing their skills because you’re the first one to say that they have big potentials. Someone could still be laughing in between their pillows because of the silly jokes you told them.

Someone could be playing the song you suggest, and is now healing because of its lyrics. Someone could be rereading your letter and make their heart flutter. Someone could be going through their life and is thankful because they have followed the advice you gave them.

Someone could be speaking their beautiful ideas because you have always validated them. Someone could be establishing their confidence because you clapped for them when no one ever did. Someone could be reliving your kind words and can’t help but to appreciate little things more. Someone could be stirring their coffee with the thought that they could be whoever they want because you firmly said that they could.

Maybe you can never have control over someone’s life but remember that you have over what you do. So, please continue choosing kindness. Please continue doing better. Because, as cliché as it may sound, you will never know how much your existence could mean to someone someday.

—Aaron Arciaga
Artwork: Mecedes Bazan


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