Neha Lalwani is a Well known pioneer in the field of Occult science and Healer. She is a life coach and can see the past present and future while channeling during her sessions and it all comes from divine sources. She is naturally gifted intuitive. Neha is a master of spiritual belief, various cultures around the globe, various aspects of the Vedas, Tantra, More than 50 forms of Healing, Mysticism, Shamanism, Angel, Fairies, Spirit mediumship,Quantum Physics, Human Psychology, Spellcraft, Herbs, hoodoo and the list still continues!! She has millions of followers and has helped lakhs lives over the span of past 20 years and still on the same track. She has a soft corner for small kids and once you contact her, she is always ready for them to help!! Neha makes things happen and problems disappears just being with her. Her presence and her stars are such that you will never be disappointed once you contact her only with a disclaimer that you keep your intentions clean. She uses Healing Frequencies, Sacred Numbers, Akashik Records Chanelling, Switchwords, Magical Numbers, Channelling Spirit Guides, Tarot, Astrology, Shamanism, Fairy and Angel,h. Hoodoo, Wicca, spells and aids to provide the best possible remedy to work for the ones in grief. Her regular Workshops, Lectures and Seminars on various subjects helps manifest your dreams like money, health, job, dream house and list is never ending. She is more inclined to move people towards self healing Neha has amazing achievements till today like helping childless couples have healthy babies, marriages, releasing past karmas, black magic, helping autistic child, and what not!!! A suicidal person would leave his desire to do so if in contact with her!!!She is super accurate, informative, motivator, inspiring and what not !! My personal experience with Neha has been amazing and changed the way I look at things. Neha never leaves the ones who cannot afford personal sessions unattended and helps them by making various magical products like talismans, candles, bracelets etc for various problems and keeps on adding new items time to time with her research and launches them tried and tested and that too at very economical price. It doesn’t here, she leaves no stone unturned to extend free help with her remedies on her page!! A word of caution that she only works for a person with clean heart and someone who intends to cheat her or who come with wrong intentions are fired forever from her guidance in any form!!

How My Readings Work?

How my readings work✨

Most psychics believe in guides or guardian angels. These are our spirit companions who watch over us throughout our lifetime. They are known as the divine beings or spirit helpers who visit our subconscious minds and bring us messages.
Mediums speak to them often because they can easily create the channel of communication.
While I’m with a client in a reading, I open my mind to receive the messages from the other side and the Tarot also does the same for me.

May times, I feel an urge to say something that is not apparent in the cards. It’s a vision that I experience which relates to the person for whine I’m reading!

When we open ourself to being psychic, we cannot really take the credit for the information that we relay.
Without our guides assisting us, we would not be able to correspond at all!

By opening our vibration, we become like a telephone line.

Guides work beautifully with Tarot, warning or foretelling the future happenings and giving advice through the cards.

To book a readings, you may ask for an appointment.

Neha Lalwani 

Who am I?

Who am I and what is it exactly that I do 📿

I’m Neha Lalwani, born with certain gifts that were a little difficult to understand in the initial growing up years!

I could see energies and spiritual presence around people I met, ever since I was 5 years old, I just knew that there was so much more to life, beyond what eyes could see and mind could comprehend.

By the age of 15, recurrent dreams of certain deities and signs made me research more and I was surprised that those deities were once preached in Greece as the Gods and Goddesses of ancient Greece and Healing.

I asked for signs that manifested and saw miraculous connections to Shamanism, Faith Healing and Paganism in various ways.

I have closely mastered the various aspects of the Vedas, Tantra, More than 50 forms of Healing, Mysticism, Shamanism, Angel, Fairies, Spirit mediumship,Quantum Physics, Human Psychology, Spellcraft, Herbs and the list goes on!! Was always fascinated by candle magic and chants!

Mastered several forms of Hindu and Chinese Astrology, Numerology, Tarot, Reiki, Wiccan Healing and every possible desire I had to delve in the world of Miracles.
Im a medical intuitive and a spiritual scientist and conducting various Study Groups and Workahops on Spiritual Ways to enhance our lives.

I lead a Magical life and feel honoured to be able to guide, counsel and help.

I use a blend of Healing Frequencies, Sacred Numbers, Akashik Records Chanelling, Switchwords, Magical Numbers, Channelling Spirit Guides, Tarot, Astrology, Shamanism, Fairy and Angel aids to provide the best possible magical push to make problems disappear!

I use magical and blessed water vials, herbs, Healing oils, spells, chants, invocations and various forms of Miracle Healing to make and design exclusive rituals that create an energy that’s impossible not to be felt!!!

I make magical candles and talismans and charms influenced by the magical moon cycles and most of my work is done based on the various Esbats and Sabbaths that come various times in a year and when the Magical energies are at their peak!!!

I teach self healing and educate people on various forms of metaphysical arts like Tarot, Spellcraft, Candle magic, Kitchen Witchery, Switchwords and much more.

Anyone who seeks my guidance must respect what I do, and visit my premises in faith.

My counseling is available via email, skype and telephone as well and
I can be contacted at 9810955879.

I also specialise in curing Black Magic.
I have received the special gift of Healing from the Goddess.

I’ve been practicing successfully for the past many years and now I’m a well known Pioneer in the field of Spiritual Help.

I constantly get visitations from her Deities, Spirit Guides and Ascended Masters.

I can connect with the Healing Energies – that are present around a person in the form of ancestral help or guardians.

I have spent many years studying ancient and modern occult and done research on many people and learned what information was true and what was completely false about Black Magic and how it can be cured or even sent back to its source.

Through years of personal studies, I have learned about what black magic is, the symptoms of a black magic curses, spoken curses, spiritual diseases, breaking vashikaran spells, how to remove black magic, how to identify demonic possessions and perform clearings, and about the other wonders of the spirit world.

My work and healings have spread across the globe today.

People from different countries and cities come to Delhi to meet me for taking help for their disturbing negative experiences resulting from black magic, nazar, vashikaran and evil entities!

I experience guidance from the Akashik Realms – that show me how to break these spells.

Over the years, I have learned how to create my own custom Energy Circles and talismans to provide protection against black magic.

I even provide telephonic sessions to clients all over the world and sends remedies to cure Black Magic Problems.

To take her help, leave your query at 9810955879.
Email –

Meetings by Appointments only.

Neha Lalwani
The Modern Mystic